Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Definitely a Hippie

I wrote a post nearly a year ago in which I wondered:  Am I a Hippie?  My hubs could be called The Man and he often laughs or rolls his eyes while groaning at my hippie tendencies.  Thankfully, he's mainly just amused at the things I do, say, and think and he gives me the freedom to march to the beat of my own drum.  Thanks to a few recent conversations, I'm reaching the conclusion that I'm becoming more of a hippie by the day.

~ I had a lengthy conversation just yesterday with my sister about my feelings on breastfeeding as it relates to raising my own child and, as you might guess, I sounded like a milkalicious mama because I regret not breastfeeding my son until he was at least 18-months.  Assuming that I have the same enviable milk supply if I have a second child, I will absolutely nurse until they are 1 1/2-years old.  It's really not all that long and breastmilk is still beneficial to toddlers, so why wouldn't I want to offer him the best if I possibly could?  For the record, she thought I was a weirdo for nursing my son until he was just about 13-months of age and implied that he's breast-obsessed because I nursed him too long.  If that's the reason, I want to know why my non-breastfed husband also likes boobies.  Hell, I was breastfed until I was nine-months old and even I like a nice set of boobs!

~ I've had enough friends remark that I should make my son walk or sit in a stroller (rather than wear him on my hip or back in a carrier) that I realize I am a little out of the mainstream when it comes to my parenting choices as it relates to restraining my child and keeping him safe in a crowd.  I don't see the difference between wearing him in a carrier (pouch, SSC, and ring sling are my favorites for my lil' 30-pounder) and pushing him in a stroller.  Why is it considered okay to put him in a stroller, but not let him ride on my back?  Perhaps a choke-chain and leash would be more socially acceptable?  If that doesn't work, I also have a shock-collar that worked beautifully on modifying the behavior of our 90-pound GSD. . .

~ A friend remarked on Facebook that she'd like to have chats with other mamas in person rather than over the computer.  She added that it would be nice to have these conversations while we were all preparing community meals so that we could work out our conflicts with self while actually feeding the entire tribe.  I have to admit, this appeals to me on so many levels.  I'm a very social individual and I frequently feel tormented with middle-aged angst so I'd love the opportunity to rap with women on a deep and meaningful level every single day and so much the better if real work were accomplished at the same time.  I also don't mind working hard for the benefit of others besides myself or even my own family.  I know that I sound like I'm just a few steps away from embracing communal living arrangements (if you know my hubs, you'll know that this will NEVER happen!) and I know that hippie communes ended up presenting their own specific sets of problems (as one would expect in most communistic environments, the shirkers piss the hell out of workers), but the freedom and the sharing aspect certainly appeals to me.

I think it's pretty clear:  I'm definitely a hippie.


  1. You are too cute. I am glad your son is only 30 pds. Matthew weighs 38, and he is one strong little dude. Chloe, 20 months old, still nursing. She is starting to lift up my shirt now when she wants it, so it's time to wean before she can start asking me for it. So yes, 18 months is a great cut off! I agree with you there. I should have did it a few months ago. Oh well, I am working on it now.

    I would love to live in a community of people too! Yes, I also love a great pair of breasts, lol. I have been with a woman, once in my life, and I loved it, but the opportunity has not presented itself for it to happen again. But if it did, you could bet I would probably go straight to feeling her breasts! Lol. Anyways...

    Yes, you are a hippie!

  2. Oh, Heather, this comment is great!

    I'm so glad for your girlie that you've engaged in extended nursing! It really is beneficial to breastfeed children out of infancy (the first twelve-months) and into toddlerhood (13-months, plus)

    As far as Sapphic love is concerned, well, I'll hold my tongue at the moment. . .but I totally get it. And, yes, boobs are awesome! I just can't help but stare - haha! My husband thinks it's a primal thing and that's why the areola and nipple are prominent and sport a darker color than the rest of our skin tone.

    Yeah, I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that I am a hippie - LOL!