Friday, March 11, 2011

Nazi Farm & Other Fun Stuff

~ What would you think if your toddler told you that they had a good time at a Nazi Farm??  Yeah, me too.  My son spent the day with his maternal grandmother yesterday since hubs had to be at the hospital at 5:00 am to begin prepping for his surgery.  Though my lil' guy cried because Daddy wasn't coming home last night, he was so happy to see me and he chatted excitedly about the day spent playing with his grandmother and her little dog.  Then he said something that mystified me.  He told me, "Had good time (at) Nazi Farm."  I shook my head, certain that I had misheard what he had said and I asked him to repeat it for me.  He repeated, "Good time (at) Nazi Farm."  At first I was thinking, "WTF did you guys do today?!"  Instead of flipping out, I asked what he had done at the Nazi Farm and he replied that he rode in a blue car, a truck, a train, a balloon, and a roller coaster.  He forcefully added that he WILL NOT ride the school bus.  Nazi Farm. . .that's apparently how he pronounces Knott's Berry Farm!

~ My son was distressed that Daddy wasn't going to come home last night and I asked if he wanted to give something special to Daddy.  I meant like a fun snack or maybe one of the lesser members of the lil' guy's stuffed animal entourage.  He did want to give hubs some "pretzel snacks," but he also wanted to give his Daddy an "appie."  My son has had at least one burpie near him at all times (he calls them appies) since he was brought home from the hospital and he turned out to be such a little puker.  His appies are as essential to his well-being as water and air are to you and me.  My heart was warmed that he wanted to share one of his beloved appies with his Daddy and I believe that hubs was equally touched by his son's heartfelt gift.

~ I usually play music from youtube when my son takes his bath at night and he definitely favors the music that his mama likes:  folk music, 70s singer-songwriters, and anything with beautiful harmonies.  My laptop was unfortunately killed when it crashed from the counter to the ceramic tile floor so I had nothing to play for him last night.  He kept begging for "songs" so I, uh, treated him to some a Capella selections.  I hesitate to say that I treated him and, if you've ever heard me sing, you'd agree!  I finished singing and he asked for "more songs."  When I asked him what he'd like to hear, he replied (clear as can be), "Our House."  Ha!  What great taste; that's my boy!  I'll also add that he knows the entire chorus and he laughs maniacally at "two cats in the yard. . ."

~ Mother of the Year forgot to send shoes with her son yesterday (because he was in jammies when we dropped him off at 4:00 am) so he was forced to spend the day running around like a barefoot hillbilly in his grandparent's backyard.  Naturally, his feet were filthy come bathtime last night.  He was splashing and having a good ol' time in the tub when he noticed his cruddy-looking feet.  He pulled his feet up by his face and then exclaimed, "Oh, poor feet!"  I guess he didn't realize that we were going to wash them before he exited the tub - haha!

~ My husband apparently spends far too much time at work because, upon learning that Daddy wouldn't be home last night, my son replied, "Daddy's (at) work."  Well, kid, he's there a lot, but he isn't sleeping there. . .yet!

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