Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Have a Housework Solution!

I decided to earn my keep the other day and perform some very neglected housekeeping.  I'm sure that I've previously complained about how much I detest cleaning the house and it really is my least favorite part of my "job" as a SAHM.  I'm fine with cooking, laundry, childcare, and husbandcare (heh!), but I sure hate cleaning.

My Swiffer mop head had broke in half (no, I didn't intentionally break it to get out of housework!) so I pulled out the steam mop to finish the floors.  My son FREAKED OUT when I walked in the front room while mopping.  He actually started screaming and running away.  As he ran, he was yelling, "No mop!  NOOOOO!"

I momentarily thought about chasing him throughout the house with the hissing mop in my hand.  Yes, I do know that I have an odd sense of humor and I'm a bit of a jerk at times.  However, in the interest of not inflicting severe emotional trauma on my child, I decided to mop as far away from him as possible while telling him that he had nothing to fear from a mop.  He eyed the mop from a distance and didn't settle down until I unplugged the hissing beast.

His nervous response got me thinking. . .dangerous, I know.  But I started wondering what would happen if I were afraid of the mop?  I couldn't really be expected to use the damn thing if I had a mop phobia, right?

I casually mentioned to my husband what had happened with our son and the mop and that I could have a budding fear of the mop.  He laughed at the boy being afraid of the mop, but ignored the statement about my own potential fears.  That tells me that he not only wasn't buying it, but that he wasn't even going to bother with telling me to stop making excuses for not doing my job.

I guess it's back to the drawing board to come up with reasons to shirk my duties. . .

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