Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did I Just Say THAT?!

My hubs and I are currently watching Chinatown.  If you've never seen this modern-ish film noir (feels weird to call an over 30-year old film "modern"), I highly recommend it!  Director Roman Polanski is most definitely a creepy fucking rapist and sodomizer of severely underaged girls, but that midget sure could make a freaking movie!

Anyway, we were watching the scene where Jake arrived at Catalina.  His contact at Avalon harbor was driving a woody.  My husband said, "That's a nice woody!"  My response was a classic and one that I'm sure you can see a mile away. . .

"I'd rather ride on a woody than in a woody."

Yeah, I'm classy in that way.  I always knew there was something he liked about me!  I'm sure that my hubs found my admission tremendously amusing and enlightening.  At least, I hope he did!  haha

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  1. I've seen this movie before and I should probably add that the "twist" is disgustingly disturbing. :(