Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Easiest Way to Cut a Whole Watermelon

Berries, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and melons.  It's that special time of year that nature's sweet and delicious bounty can be found in abundance.  Summertime.

I like fresh fruit, but sometimes I think it's a pain to cut it up for consumption.  Sure, you can purchase nearly any fruit already prepared for snacking - but that costs a lot more money than simply buying the whole fruit.  And, if there is one thing that drives me nuts, it's paying someone else to do something that I can easily do myself.  Cutting whole fruit is easy and tonight I came up with an even easier and neater way.

Choosing the Best Watermelon
1.  Buy it in season.  That is, Summer.  You might be able to find watermelon in Winter, but the fruit won't be nearly as sweet and delicious as fruit purchased in-season.  It's typically less expensive as well.
2.  Buy a melon that feels heavy for it's size. 
3.  Make sure there are no soft or mushy spots on the rind. 
4.  I'll pass along that some say you should choose a melon that sounds hollow when you rap your knuckles on it, but I haven't found that it's all that important.

Simple Way to Cut Watermelon
1.  Wash watermelon before placing on a cutting board.
2.  Slice the ends off the watermelon.
3.  Stand watermelon up on end on the cutting board.
4.  Begin cutting down the sides of the watermelon to remove the rind.  Repeat until all rind is removed.
5.  Cut watermelon in half lengthwise.
6.  Cut remaining watermelon however you like.  I usually cut it into mid-size chunks and the task is so much easier once the rind has been removed.

Does my watermelon trick sound familiar somehow?  It's because it's the same procedure you use to cut up a whole pineapple.

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