Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There is Always a Silver Lining

I probably won't be able to make a post tomorrow, so here's one a little early.

Liars and thieves are truly the scum of the Earth.  Their character is deplorable and honest and upright people rightly despise their behavior.  This post is about a liar I once had the misfortune to know.

I guess you can tell from my tone that I don't like liars.  No, that's not entirely accurate.  I detest liars.  I prefer that my relationships are built on trust and I don't see any point in suffering a relationship of any sort with a liar simply because you can never tell when they are being truthful.

Even worse than an ordinary liar that you might run across are the liars who are so committed to their fraud that they intentionally make statements that are easily proven false.  These people tell such blatant lies that it is almost embarrassing to hear their nonsense spew forth like verbal vomit.  Much like a peeping tom or a flasher, I think these sickos get some sort of perverse pleasure from their disgusting behavior. 

There exists a person on this planet who is, quite possibly, the biggest liar I've ever met.  One might go so far as to say that you could tell they were lying because their lips were moving.  At one time, this person was a family member.  I can never convey just how difficult it was to be in their presence because their non-stop lying was a continual insult to my intelligence.

This person's lies were so outlandish that I can only conclude that it was some form of attention whoring.  That leads me to conclude that they just didn't get enough love or attention.  It sucks to be them if that's the case, but lying only brings negative attention and it certainly doesn't encourage affection.

Perhaps they felt the need to feel better about themselves because they were pretty much a life-long loser?  It seems to me that they would have felt better about themselves if they had actually done something with their life rather than made up ridiculous stories, but I guess that kind of thinking is just too logical.  And, I suppose, it requires too much hard work.

Upon reflection, I realize that I had two stock responses to nearly anything they said.  "Hm, that's interesting," and, "That's nice," are what I say when I'm bored or when I think you're full of sh*t.  With this individual, both reasons were usually applicable. 

I had family over a couple of weeks ago and, while straightening the front room, I realized that I still had a photo of this jackass on my wall.  So I grabbed a sticky note featuring Big Bird and Elmo and I covered up their face with beloved children's characters.  Why not remove the photo?  Well, only because of the other person in that photo.

Long story short, due to a specific event, I never have to listen to this individual's lies ever again.  The event that led to this outcome was sad, very sad, but the silver lining is that a complete buffoon is out of my life forever.  Oh, silver linings, you can make even the most bitter events well worth any initial pain!  My one regret with regard to this person is that I never called them on their horsesh*t.  I was raised better than that (unlike some people, obviously - heh!) so I politely listened to their ridiculous falsehoods and wanted to put my head through a wall after 20 minutes in their company.

But, oh, how I wish I could grab ahold of them now and tell them that I know, and I have always known, that they are full of sh*t.  It wouldn't make them become an honest person and it wouldn't stop them from being a bully or a con-artist or a general piece of excrement (great person, eh?), but it would feel so delicious to unload on them after biting my tongue for so long.  I don't think this person reads this blog, but it feels damn good to get this off my chest.  Damn good, I say!

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