Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Next 365 Project

I started this blog on January 1st and I made it my 365 Project for the year.  This means that my goal was to write one post each day, no matter how weak or lame the post.  We're getting close to the third quarter of 2010 and, save once, I have written a post each day.  I have also created more than one post on other days so I'd have to say that I've been making good progress on my 365 Project.  Not perfect, but very good.

I think I'm going to continue writing this blog in the new year because I've really enjoyed this creative outlet, but I have been considering what I might want to do for my 365 Project of 2011.  I have a few thoughts on what I might want to consider.

- Sex Everyday!  I read about a couple some time ago who decided to have sex every single day of the year.  That appeals to me for obvious reasons and some reasons that probably aren't obvious to anyone except my husband.  My one problem with that plan would be that I would inevitably want to blog about it and no one else has the right to know intimate details about our sex life.  I kinda like keeping one thing private and our bedroom is just to small too invite others, if you know what I mean.

- A Photo Everyday!  Plenty of people take a photo everyday and some do/did it for years.  My big problem with this plan is that my son is my favorite photography subject.  I used to absolutely love staging photos when he was a tiny baby and I still love to stalk him with the camera.  I absolutely could snap a picture of my adorable son each and every day.  Heck, I could probably take an entire series of photos of him every day.  But you all know that I do not post photos of my son on-line because I'm funny about protecting his privacy.  You might have noted that I've refrained from blogging about him lately and that's because there are people out there (who I suspect read this blog) who have lost the privilege to know anything at all about my son.  It's a sad fact that actions have consequences and their evil actions toward me have resulted in a total loss of access to my son.  Too bad for them because they are missing out on more than I am - sucks to be them, I guess.  {shrug}

- Cook Dinner Everyday!  This has been done with all kinds of variations, but I'm partial to the 365 Crock-Pot cookery sites.  My problem with this is, well, I just don't want to make dinner some nights.  I also like to dine out when we're able.  My husband likes a pizza place down the street from the house and he asks for pizza a couple of times each month.  Besides, I want to put my son in part-time preschool once he turns three and I plan to return to part-time work if I'm not pregnant at that time.  Adding an additional stressor to a new schedule seems like a recipe for failure.

- Take a Walk Everyday!  This is something that I used to do, but I got out of the habit.  It is nice to stroll the neighborhood, but it does get boring rather quickly.  I prefer to walk somewhat early since it gets HOT where I live, but our sleep schedules will need to get straightened out before I can even think about doing much at an early hour.  Those of you who know me well know exactly what I'm talking about.  Ugh, I'm sooo sick of late bedtimes.  No wonder I feel totally exhausted all the time these days!

- A Recipe Everyday! This might be more doable than 365 cooking and I just came up with the idea while editing this post. I think I might be able to post one of my recipes everyday. I do a lot of scratch cooking so it would be a money saver for readers. I guess I could also plan the posted recipes to coincide with my local supermarket sales flyers to maximize the money savings. I don't generally do any complicated cooking so it would be something that even a beginning home cook could follow - though I would toss in the version of beef Wellington that I made.  Of course, if I ever decide to write a cookbook (yeah, right!), I'll be giving away my recipes for free.  That's a chance that I'll have to take. . .I really have to consider this idea!

Do you take on 365 Projects?  What projects have you done previously and what was your level of success?  Do you have any suggestions for 365 Projects that I might consider for 2011?  Please share your ideas!

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