Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flashback to 1975

My husband and I just had a long conversation about the importance of the year 1975.  As it turns out, 1975 was a pretty freaking spectacular year.

Why were we obsessing about a year that occurred, ahem, 29 years ago?  Because we were watching a documentary of sorts about the movie Jaws.

Jaws hit theaters in 1975; my husband saw it in the theater.  My husband turned 18 in February of '75.  He graduated high school in June of that year.  He started college and met the woman who would become his ex-wife in September of '75.  Uh. . .

I was born in October of '75.

I'd guess that if you had told my husband back in October of 1975 that he would marry the woman who was to become his ex-wife, he wouldn't have believed you.  He would have laughed you out of town if you said that his future wife was only newly born.  Indeed, he probably would have said that you were a sicko for even insinuating that his future wife was only just welcomed to the world and sucking at her mother's tit.  And, yet, I was a breastfeeding newborn in October of 1975.

1975.  Farkin' A.  It was a pretty spectacular year!

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