Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rehab Starts Next Tuesday

I'll bet you think that this is another post where I rail against addiction and how it damages relationships, huh?  Well, it's totally not so read on and chillax.

Rehab - Party at the Hard Rock starts up again next Tuesday on truTV.  Most "reality" shows don't interest me and this is a rare exception.  This show only appeals to me because I live vicariously through the lives of the attendees, if only for an hour each week.

The show takes place at the outdoor pool of the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.  It follows the employees as they go about their work.  Some are boring (the man-hating bartenders), some are douches (the douchy manager demonstrates a special brand of douchiness), and some are interesting (usually the barbacks or the cocktail waitresses).  But the real stars of the show are the partygoers.

The chicks wear miniscule bikinis, sky-high CFM shoes, and try to look their sexiest.  The guys throw around the one thing that gets the attention of every woman.  No, not that.  Well, maybe that too.  But I initially meant money.  Lots and lots of money is necessary to do this thing the right way.

I'm a middle-aged suburban housewife.  I'm decidedly more concerned with sleep training my toddler than hooking up with strangers, but I freaking love this show!  If I were 60 pounds lighter and ten years younger (okay, okay, it's more like almost 15 at this point!), I would have been all over that party scene.  Hot people, cool drinks, and loose morals. . .ah, hedonism (and not the awesome resort) at its best! 

I can't wait for next Tuesday. . .and I hope that the kiddo goes to sleep early so I can actually watch the show!

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