Monday, August 9, 2010

SURVEY: Would You Sign In to Read My Blog?

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog realizes that I'm vigilant about protecting the anonymity of my son and my husband.  I know some might say that I'm unreasonably concerned about their privacy.  I won't post photos of them or even mention their given names.  The only things that I have ever deleted in this blog are comments that mention my son's name.  You might have noted that I loathe giving proper names in general - the notable exception being what I would call the Obituary posts.

There are people in this world who have no right to know anything about the goings-on in my son's life.  I've grown concerned that these people can access this blog and remain up to date on my sweet little boy.  That is absolutely unacceptable to me and I've been considering how I can keep my son's privacy.

I only have a couple of options. 

1.  My son is one of my favorite writing subjects, but I can avoid ever mentioning my son or any of his antics ever again to protect him.  It would be hard because a lot of this blog has to do with my motherhood journey, but I suppose it's doable.  I also know that some family members like reading about the kiddo, but I can figure out a way to update family by other means.


2.  Or I can reset the privacy settings on this blog.  I have the option to only allow people I choose (up to 100) to read this blog.  However, the 100 people I choose will have to sign in to access this blog.  I know this sounds like a drag, but this is my preferred method to protect my son's privacy.

So, my readership, would you be willing to sign in to read this blog?  You would have to sign up as a public follower of this blog and sign in prior to accessing any posts.  I know I'm asking a lot, but I think you'd understand if you knew the details.

Please do share your opinions in the comments because it will help me make my decision.  In the meantime, I'm going to try my best to avoid mentioning my little guy.


  1. I completely understand wanting to protect your family!! I have no problem signing in. It takes what, 30 seconds to sign in? I wouldn't want you to lose one of your creative outlets!!

  2. make me sign in go for it. =) I understand. =) Plus u have to sign in to make a comment anyhow and if u r willing to do that then u r willing to sign in. =)

  3. Of course I would sign in :) I totally get why you want to do it.