Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grandparents, a Faire, and a Concert (Oh, My!)

My family experienced a wonderfully full weekend.  It was one of those weekends where every event we shared was a blast for my son.  I'd say that it was almost the best weekend ever for the little guy.  But, whew, I am sure wiped out!  The boy and I have a busy week ahead with lots of fun activities with our friends so I'm going to have to keep this brief so I can get some rest.

We had supper with my parents and my MIL on Saturday evening.  After eating, he had the undivided attention of his grandparents.  It is a pretty rare treat for my son to have more than two grandparents together at once and he knew how to work his adoring audience.  He was in rare form and he spent a the longest time just cutting up and entertaining the family. 

His Mamaw and his Grandma had so much fun hiding his matchbox cars (specifically the green one!) for him to find.  The hiding places were a hoot:  on top of their head, in the crook of an elbow, tucked into a shoe, under a cushion in the couch, and so many more!  His face lit up with delight whenever he found one and his excited squeals kept the game going on for at least a half an hour. 

At one point, my son started dancing with joy and his Grandpa began to clap for him.  Then Mamaw started clapping.  Then Grandma.  Then Daddy.  Then Mama.  Whenever one of us would stop clapping, he'd stop dancing and point at us.  He'd grab our hands and force us to clap again if we didn't start clapping right away.

I was cracking up so much that my cheeks hurt by the time we left.  I think the little one spent half the night laughing himself silly.  As my Dad says, that kid has the most contagious laugh.  Saturday night was one of those magical moments that you long to share with your loved ones and I'm thankful that we were able to share my adorable little guy with at least three of his Grandparents. 

My church hosted a Medieval Faire this afternoon after services.  In case someone reading this can't understand normal thinking, the use of the pronoun "my" in the previous sentence does not imply that I am the sole owner of the church; it is simply to illustrate that it is the church that I personally attend.  I'll probably give another English lesson in a few days - see you next Tuesday.  

I thought for sure that my son would want to eat and play at the Faire.  No.  Not only no, but no way!  There was a mini-catapult, pretend archery, pretend swordplay, pretend jousting and a bounce house.  There was a great photo prop of a sword in a stone.  There was a woman doing wonderful caricatures and another woman making balloon animals and balloon crowns.  They offered chicken and beef skewers, grilled corn, hot dog wieners, pasta salad, potato salad and many more tasty eats.  The children of our church baked up wonderful sweet treats that were also available for purchase.  My son did enjoy eating a frosted cupcake and he must have liked it because he begged for cupcakes before bed tonight. 

What did he want to do at the Faire?  Sit in the bounce house.  He wouldn't jump around and he literally sat in there for about an hour.  He was having fun though and he was pretty upset when it was time to go home.

The city I reside in offers free concerts in the park on select Sundays.  Tonight was the last concert of the season and we went with some friends and their kids.  The band played classic rock covers.  The playlist consisted of great songs from CCR, The Eagles, The Hollies, Deep Purple, and a few others.  Several times, my son jumped up and danced for us.  He really has a joy of movement.  I made some strawberry shortcakes to share with our pals and he gobbled that up like it was the finest creme brulee.  His father took him to the playground to run around and play with the other kids at the park.

Not that they live all that far away, but I'm a little sad that family isn't a little closer to us geographically. It would have been fun to turn this into a Grandparent's Weekend. I'll bet they would have had a blast seeing their sweet little grandson today.

I really have to do a better job inviting the Grandparents to come along on our fun adventures. Sometimes life only hangs by the thinnest of threads and I believe that persistent prayer is the only reason that my son still has all of his grandparents. . .unfortunately, there is another major medical procedure looming.  Your prayers will be most appreciated on the 16th.

This weekend was full of love, laughter, and family.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important or valuable than that.  I know that I'll always keep this wonderful weekend in my heart.

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