Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crunchy Questions

I would have liked to write a post about politics, but my son and I are even more sick today.  My head is still stuffy and now my throat feels like it's lined with barbed wire & razor blades.  My son has picked up a runny nose in addition to that terrible cough.  I can handle all kinds of gross bodily functions, but there is nearly nothing on the planet that creeps me out more than snot; I can't wait until he learns how to blow his nose!  So instead of a deep and meaningful post, this is a short one that probably won't make any sense to most of the readership.  I have a few questions on two different topics for my more crunchy readers.

Amber Jewelry
I know that the lighter colored amber contains more succinic acid, but is there a difference in the style of amber?  What I mean is, are chips or beads better if you're using the necklace for therapeutic purposes?  Does necklace length make any difference?

Mama Cloth
I've started another cycle (yes, another period already!) and I absolutely love mama cloth.  I'm totally sold on how comfortable cloth is compared to any disposable products.  I want to pick up more pads for my heavy day, but I'm seeking some feedback before making a purchase.  I love, love, love my heavy-flow pads from Mother Moon Pads, but do you have any vendors who you particularly like for heavy-flow mama cloth?

Other than price, what's the primary difference between fleece-backed pads and wool-backed pads?  What are the main differences between cotton velour and OBV?  Have you ever tried a minkee-topped pad?  If so, does it feel gross once it's used?  Are there any drawbacks to using pads with serged edges versus zig-zagging or topstitching?

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