Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

I had quite the productive day.  I roasted and carved a 19.5 pound turkey, I assembled a green bean casserole, I prepped all the veggies that I add to my gravy, I readied stuffing for baking tomorrow, I made a several quarts of turkey stock with the turkey carcass, and I made a few dips and snack trays.  Somewhere in there, I even found the energy to make a quick trip to Costco. . .of course, trips to Costco are never exactly quick. 

I'm exhausted from all my Thanksgiving prep so this will be a short post tonight.  I thought it might be nice to write down things for which I give thanks.  I'm thankful for:

My God - This has been a horribly difficult year, but I have still been tremendously blessed because my needs are met and my wants are few.  For that, I give all the thanks to God.
My marriage - This year would have been impossible to handle if my marriage weren't solid as a rock; I believe that my marriage is a gift from God.
My husband - He is the most wonderful and spectacular man; I'm so lucky that he chose to marry me.
My son - He is a true joy; I'm so lucky that God chose me to be my son's mother.
My family - It has been a rough year for my family; we almost lost one family member on two different occasions and we did lose my only brother, but we are still together and I'm so thankful that we're clinging together instead of scattering apart.
My friends - I have been blessed with the kindest and most loving group of friends.  They have been a tremendous support to me through my father's medical problems and, especially, during my darkest days after my brother's passing.

I have so many that I'll have to limit myself, but these are my top blessings. . .stay tuned tomorrow, there may be more to come!

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