Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Sick

I feel like I can barely string words together to make a sentence today, so accept my apologies if this doesn't make much sense. 

I'm sure every other mother on the planet can agree that being sick sucks bad enough, but it is infinitely more sucky when you're home sick with a sick toddler.  The days of staying in bed when I don't feel good are long gone.  He needs help every time he goes to the toilet.  He needs his water cup refilled.  He needs to eat and have snacks.  Between caring for him and trying to care for myself, I'm lucky if I can rest for five solid minutes.

I've lost count of how many days we've been sick and I'd like to drag us out of the house.  I'm sure we'll end up staying home today since I feel so weak that I don't think I could handle my rambunctious kidlet in public by myself.

My son's cough has significantly improved, but his nose is still dripping.  Snot creeps me out, but I'd rather deal with that than the horrible cough he had the last few days.  My head feels heavy, my ears are clogged, my nose started running this morning, my eyes are watery, and my throat still hurts.  My husband still hasn't been bit by the bug and I'm hoping that he escapes unscathed.

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