Thursday, November 11, 2010

Under the Boardwalk

My husband was intrigued by the previews for HBOs newest show, Boardwalk Empire.  Though we usually agree on television programming, I thought it looked overdone and somewhat campy.  He persisted and I finally caved.

Thanks to OnDemand, we were able to watch all eight episodes that had already aired.  I am very glad that I decided to give it a look!  Like a gin-soaked buddy, the pilot grabbed me by the lapel, knocked the fedora off my head, and dragged me on a wild bootleggy ride. 

Here are the Bs, Bs, and Bs of Boardwalk Empire:

Boardwalk - It's about the sordid underbelly of Atlantic City.
Buscemi - I think it's an interesting casting move to put Steve Buscemi in not only a lead role, but one that is also a romantic lead.  I have to admit that he's a good choice for the role.
Booze - It's 1920 and Prohibition has recently passed, but booze is still an important character on the show. . .I might even argue that liquor is the most important character, but that's just the alcoholism talking!
Beer - Yes, beer was illegal too and green beer was already an important part of St. Patrick's Day celebrations.
Bootleggers - Prohibition's biggest fans help to keep the city nice & wet.
Bullets - The natural companion to a prohibition is crime and the bullets frequently fly.
Bodies - Don't be surprised by a sky-high body count when watching a show about gangsters.
Balls - These characters are impossibly bold:  openly drinking, moving barrels of beer in broad daylight, knocking off and rubbing out crime bosses.
Bromance - See Jimmy & Al and tell me if you agree.
Broads - The sheer quantity of Nucky's nookie illustrates that dames have always flocked to money and power over youthful looks and enthusiasm.
Boobs - I'm a little disappointed that fake tits have managed to show up in a 1920s period piece, but I suppose it's nearly impossible to find actresses without augmentation these days.  In any event, several actresses flash their boobies.
Bush - Let's just say that the Brazilian wasn't found in Atlantic City in 1920.
Butts - It may be historically accurate, but I think every character smokes cigarettes on this show.  Perhaps the children too.
Babies - Nucky clearly has a soft spot for babies and I suspect that Mrs. Schroeder's miscarriage is what primarily triggered his overly protective response.
Baseball - You've certainly heard of the Black Sox scandal and the show contains a subplot with a rival New York gangster involved in fixing the 1919 World Series.

The Roaring Twenties were certainly not boring and neither is Boardwalk Empire!

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