Friday, November 19, 2010

I Hate Selfies!

Though I often experience lighting difficulties, I love taking photos.  I like staged photos.  I like candids.  I like action shots.  I like nature shots.  I like all photography. . .all photography, that is, except selfies. 

I spent an hour trying to take my own photograph yesterday.  An hour!  An hour of my time trying to get a stupid picture.  I realize that it does take time to set up my tripod, change my camera lens, and scope out decent backgrounds, but an hour seems pretty excessive when I realize just how many photos were taken only to be deleted upon viewing.

Why is it so danged impossible for me to get a good self-portrait?  I don't know, but here are the ways that I screwed up the shot as the shutter clicked:
~ I was in a dark part of my house and I was too far away from the flash.
~ I stood too close to a mirror and ended up with horrible a flash reflection.
~ My dog started barking and I looked away.
~ My glasses weren't high enough or low enough and the frames cut my eyes in half.
~ My son whirled around to get his face in the shot. . .this from the kid who never sits still for a photo.
~ I turned at an awkward angle and it looked like my son's arms were growing from my back.
~ My son apparently moved the camera down after I adjusted it and I ended up with a photo of my boobs.
~ I tried several times to focus manually and ended up with fuzzy photos each time.

Of course, I also pulled this all-time classic move:
~ I blinked.

It's hard to believe, but the picture on the left represents my very best effort.  Do you ever take selfies?  What tips or advice can you share?

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