Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Part III

It's been a long time since I've put together a post of the things my son says (see Part I and Part II), so here you go:

Me:  Do you want to have a little brother or sister?
Toot:  No.
Me:  Do you want mommy to have a baby?
Toot:  No.
Uh-oh, we have 36-weeks to change his tune!

After a sweaty workout, I sat down beside my son on the couch and put my arm around him. 
Toot:  Pew. 
Me:  Do I need a shower?
Toot:  Yes.  Shower. 
Gee, thanks for the subtlety kid.

Me:  Since when are you allowed to (fill in the blank)?
Toot:  Daddy.
Me:  No, your father did not say you could do that.

Me:  You're not just going to eat cookies for lunch.
Toot:  Daddy?
Me:  No, your father does not let you eat cookies instead of meals.
Toot:  Ama.  (Grandma)
Me:  Well, Grandma might, but I'm Mama.

The family was watching a football game on television and, when they showed a close up of the players, he said, "Oh, hi guys!"

Whenever he sees a "W"
Toot:  W says Pets!
(as in, W stands for Wonder Pets)

Toot:  Tie-tie (tired).
Me:  Are you tired, honey?
Toot:  No.
Me:  Of course not.

My son fell down in front of our house several weeks ago and he skinned his elbow enough that I gave him a bandage.  He woke up the next morning saying that he got a boo-boo because he fell near the house.  The actual quote was, "boo-boo fall house," but I thought it would be handy to give the translation.  Anyway, I called my husband so that our son could tell his father about the boo-boo.  I asked the boy how he got his boo-boo and he said, "Daddy."  He still talks about his boo-boo every once in awhile and he alternately blames my car, my husband's car, and one of his Aunts.

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