Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Might Be Insane

I have months upon months until I'll be dealing with diapers, but I'm already considering which dipes and covers that I'd like to use for the baby.  I never did sell any of my son's old diapers so I'm pretty well set to use cloth part-time.  Thanks to the wealth of knowledge (and the healthy dose of paranoia as it relates to paper & plastic disposable diapers) on the internet, I want to use cloth full-time with this baby as soon as my existing diapers fit.  I know that this will mean waiting several weeks, possibly months, because I don't have any newborn sizes and I have only a few small sized diapers and covers.  I guess I don't buy all the paranoia about those dangerous disposable diapers since I'm okay with using them in the beginning.

I don't really have any diapers I'd like to buy for the new baby, but I do have one thing I'd like to try.  I never used wool with my son and I'd like to with the new baby.  The idea of picking up a wool sweater from a thrift shop and upcycling it into wool shorties or longies is terribly appealing.  There is a big obstacle to me doing this:  I don't sew.  However, I do know how to crochet and I might be insane because I want to try my hand at making my own wool shorties or longies.  Note that I do not, and probably can no longer, follow a crochet pattern.

I'm not all that crafty, but surely it can't be that hard to make shorts or pants.  I'm willing to bet that most yarny-type stores have wool yarn available for reasonable prices.  I'm not exactly sure what a yarny-type store is though.  Maybe Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics?  Trip down memory lane time:  There used to be a Yarn Store on Beach Blvd., right next door to a XXX theater, and my Grandmother used to park as faaaaar away from that theater as possible whenever she was shopping for yarn - haha.  Anyway, a soft cashmere or merino yarn seems like it would make an awesomely soft diaper cover.

What's your verdict?  Am I insane?  Have you crocheted wool shorties or longies?  Can you offer any tips or advice?

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