Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Ladies Night!

Yeah, yeah, so I have an affinity for Kool & the Gang, but it is most certainly Ladies Night tonight!

For only the second time since my son has been born, maybe since I've been dating my husband (that would be over seven years for those of you keeping score at home!), I'm kicking it with some chicks tonight.  My NM 08 friends are having a hen party, no children and no spouses, and we are gettin' our drink on!  I was supposed to make my super-tasty stuffed mushrooms, but since I didn't go to the store and I do have seven ripe avocados on my kitchen counter, I'm bringing my super-awesome (and lazy!) guacamole.  Of course, no cocktail party would be a cocktail party without the cocktails so yours truly is also bringing a big bottle of some cheap-ass vodka. . .Smirnoff to be exact.  Martinis and munchies?  Oh, yes, I am in!

* * *

Super-Awesome (and lazy!) Guacamole
Ripe avocado
Minced onion (or onion powder)
Granulated garlic
Salt & Pepper
Diced tomato

Toss avocado flesh in a bowl, discarding skins and pits.  Roughly chop or mash avocado flesh.  Add everything except tomato and continue to mash avocado with back of a fork.  Add in diced tomato and lightly blend together with fork.

You might notice that my guacamole recipe does not call for ingredients to stretch the avocado goodness.  Let me be absolutely clear on this:  Guacamole DOES NOT contain mayo or sour cream or any other ingredients to stretch the avocado.  If you only have one avocado, then you only get a small amount of guacamole!

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