Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pizza Bones

I made a variation of the soup & sandwich combo for lunch today.  It was soup with a slice of pizza.  The soup had a tomato-base and it was a nice complement to the pizza.

My son has become obsessed with pizza bones lately.  He likes the rest of the slice as well, but he loves the pizza bones.  He enjoys the bones so much that he begs for my bones whenever we eat pizza.  I have no problem giving it to him because the toppings are my favorite part of a pizza slice. 

I figured that he only liked it because he likes to dip it in the Ranch sauce that I always serve with pizza.  I ran out of my nonfat milk a couple of days ago and I haven't made a new batch of Ranch since getting a new gallon of milk.  So I served the pizza with the soup and wondered what he'd do with the bones. 

He dipped the pizza bones in his soup.  Clever kid.

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