Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

I can't believe it.  I actually lost weight last week.  That's a good thing, but I'm totally shocked because I screwed around way too much and I didn't work out at all prior to my weigh in yesterday afternoon.  Yet I somehow still lost weight. 

I know that this surprising weight loss this week was a gift so I've been diligently staying on-track since my weigh-in.  I have performed two workouts (no cardio, but it's still valuable and worthwhile) and I have had two very healthy meals.  I find that reflection is important in all areas of life and thought I'd list out the things I did right, no matter how small, and the things I need to improve upon. 

I will keep the weight loss going this week!  Once again, with emphasis, I will keep the weight loss going this week!  One more time, in case you aren't sure what I'm saying, I will keep the weight loss going this week!

What I did right last week:
~ I stopped eating when I was full, even though there was still food on my plate, at three meals.  I didn't leave a lot on my plate, but I did leave it.  This might sound like no big deal, but it is really hard for me to walk away from a bite or two of food.  Unfortunately, "just" an extra bite at every meal over the course of a year really does add up to a lot.
~ After eating, I threw whatever was left on my son's plate right down the drain.  I didn't customarily eat the remnants off his plate, but I have done it a time or two if the meal was particularly tasty.  A spoonful of mac & cheese was calling my name on Sunday night as I was cleaning up the dining room table.  I ran the plate to the sink and poured water on it - temptation removed!
~ I made three big pots of soup to eat for lunches and the dinners without my husband.  Soup is a terrific weight loss food for me because I find it filling and nourishing.  I made a low point soup that utilized ground chicken and lots of veggies, a zero-point pureed cauliflower soup (kinda like potato soup but not), and a low-ish point sausage, kale, & bean soup.  I froze some of the leftovers into single serve containers so I will always have meal options even when I don't feel like cooking.
~ I made spinach-y scrambled eggs on Wednesday morning and, instead of adding milk to the eggs, I added some of that pureed cauliflower soup that I made last week.  By trying something different, I save a little on calories and boosted the nutrition in my breakfast.  I liked the result so much that I did it again this morning.
~ I found a rye-crisp that is only 1 point for two crackers.  Normally I'm not a fan, but these ones are pretty tasty and they offer more nutrition than regular ol' saltine crackers.  Even better, I found them at my local 99 cent store.
~ I set a goal to work out at least once.  I did it with only hours left in my weight-loss week, but I did do it!
~ I normally wouldn't exercise at night, but I did last night.  I've been sleep training my son and I have nothing else to do while I'm standing in the hallway to hustle him back to bed when he leaves his room.  By the time he stayed in bed, I had completed three sets of squats, lunges, standing leg lifts & donkey kicks, biceps curls, triceps dips, chest flys, and inverted flys (bent-over lateral raises).

Where I need to improve:
~ I didn't track at all.  Not even once.  I so didn't track that I didn't even grab a tracker.  I will grab a tracker right after I finish this post.
~ I didn't measure at all.  Not even once.  I hate measuring, I really do.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to make it any less annoying.  I guess I will just leave my measuring cups and spoons on the kitchen counter so that I remember to keep my portion sizes reasonable.
~ The busiest social season of the year is looming and I need to strategize about how to handle parties and get-togethers.  I had two this weekend and I colossally bombed at both of them.  Too much food and too much booze combined with not enough will power or activity is just a bad equation.  When possible, I will bring a WW-friendly addition to the event.  I will also alternate one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage that I consume.  I should also avoid drinks made with juice or mixers, but that just sounds so un-fun.  Perhaps I should refamiliarize myself with just how many points are found in only one Cosmo. . .actually, that's a very good idea.
~ I have to really watch my drinking at home.  One glass of wine turns into the entire bottle nearly every single time.  Okay, every time.  This is particularly true if I've already been drinking out with friends.  I hate when the partying stops, but I can't lose weight without radically changing my relationship with liquor.  I'll have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage that I consume because it slows down the guzzling.  I'll have to get my husband on board with this one because I won't be able to do it without his support.
~ I didn't get in all my water this week.  A lot of this is because I'll drink coffee until around noon if I'm home.  I'm going to have to watch my coffee intake and start chugging the H2O after mid-morning.
~ I need to fit in exercise wherever I can.  I frequently fall victim to the all or nothing mentality and, more often than not, that means doing nothing.  An hour to spend on cardio isn't going to magically materialize, but even a busy SAHM can find ten minute chunks of time to work on a little toning.  I will take advantage of those times when I find them.
~ I didn't take my son for a walk even once.  I blamed the weather, but really I was being lazy.  I will walk him to the park at least once this week.

Those are the things that I can think of off the top of my head that I've been doing right and the things that I need to improve.  Seeing it in print drives home the point and I will continue to improve.  Coming up with a plan is key because, as they say, a failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Did you know that I will keep the weight loss going this week?

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