Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Socks, Panties, and a Bathrobe - Oh My!

This has been a rough week. . .for my clothes!

I've had to throw out a pair of socks, a pair of underpants, and I'm tempted to toss out a bathrobe.  Why?  I guess because I rarely shop and, as a result, I have a lot of old clothes.  Old clothes do eventually wear out.  How old are these articles of clothing?  Well, let's just say that I have some clothes that might be older than some of my friends.

The socks were over seven years old.  They had one hole, which I ignored.  I found it more difficult to ignore the second hole and I figured that it's cool to toss a pair of 7-year old holy socks.  Of course, I questioned if I should repurpose those socks for something else.  A dusting mitt, perhaps?  I tossed them pretty quick when I realized that having a "dusting mitt" in the house might mean that I actually have to dust at some point!

The underpants weren't quite as old as the socks, but they were still several years old.  The only reason I 86ed those is because the elastic broke and they wouldn't stay up.  As I was reviewing my panty drawer though, I realized that I have a few pairs of underpants that I got when I worked at The Broadway.  THE FREAKING BROADWAY!  Does anyone remember The Broadway?  I do because I worked there.  I also know that they were bought out back in 1996.  So these britches are like 15-years old!  I must admit that I'm impressed with the durability of quality undergarments, but damn, I might need to treat myself to some new drawers at some point!

And then there's my bathrobe.  My decidedly un-sexy plaid bathrobe.  My favorite bathrobe and, quite possibly, my favorite article of clothing.  I've had this bathrobe since I was 19-years old.  I love this bathrobe.  I bought this bathrobe for $10 when I moved out of my parents house.  I should mention that I only made $6 per hour back in those days so spending two hours of labor on a non-essential article of clothing was pretty lavish and way out of character.  I liked this robe because it's a lightweight flannel, perfect year-round, and it has impossibly deep pockets.  I had this crazy notion that I'd drink my coffee and smoke my cigarettes each morning while wearing this bathrobe and reading the newspaper.  Um, I didn't drink coffee in those days.  And I sure as heck wasn't reading any newspapers! 

So what happened to my beloved bathrobe?  I had to chase down a certain someone to put him to bed and the belt-loop got caught on a door knob and totally ripped.  One wouldn't think that it would be all that important, but it apparently is because I can't seem to get comfy in my dang bathrobe anymore.  The belt doesn't stay put and, as it turns out, that was pretty important to me.  I'm constantly fiddling with the stupid belt and I feel more annoyed with it by the day.

My husband suggested that I pay someone to sew it back on.  I nixed that idea because it seems ridiculous to pay someone to fix an article of clothing that was only $10 to begin with and that is well over 15-years old at this point.  On the other hand, it's also ridiculous to not feel comfortable in my own bathrobe.

Now, I do own several other bathrobes.  Most are far more pretty, I have a gorgeous silk one that boasts stunning embroidery on the back, but this frumpy old flannel one is my favorite.  I keep thinking that I should just try one of the other bathrobes, I might like it!, but I'm shockingly bothered by this bathrobe drama.

Am I a total weirdo or do other people develop bizarre attachments to clothing?

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