Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Day of All-Day-Long Morning Sickness

I've mentioned it a time or two, but this baby continues to kick my butt.  As indicated by the title of this post, I had to spend another day trying desperately to not only eat food, but keep it in my digestive system.  I entered my eight-week of pregnancy late last week and, though I've only been suffering with it for a few weeks, I'm beginning to wonder if morning sickness (a misnomer if there ever was one!) will ever end. 

Actually, it wouldn't be all that bad if it were only morning sickness.  It's fair to describe my illness as all-day-long sickness and it strikes me hardest late at night.  Being ill all night long means that I'm not getting enough rest.  Not getting enough rest seems to exacerbate the nausea which then leads to gagging and dry heaving at best or actual vomiting at worst.

Pregnancy isn't all that bad though.  I mean, after all, you get a baby for your trouble.  As an added bonus, your boobs tend to grow large enough to resemble melons at least until you wean your baby.  Most amazingly, pregnant women are given a super-power.  It's nothing cool like shape shifting or an ability to read minds, but we do tend to lose a defined waistline at around four months gestation and I think I can tell what my husband is thinking whether or not he says a word.  My husband calls this "reading too much" into things, but that's just, like, his opinion, man.  Yes, I just threw a Dude reference in there.

What super-power do pregnant women possess?  It's an extremely heightened sense of smell.  At the moment I think I could be employed by Customs to sniff out drugs or explosives at the airport.  However, I'm far more likely to catch the slightest whiff of something, anything that might turn my stomach enough to send me running for the bathroom to stick my head in the toilet.

Coffee?  Blech.  Hairspray?  Blech.  Pie?  Blech.  Any strong smell, pleasant or unpleasant, is too much for me to bear these days. 

I've had several very difficult days and it's approaching the time of night that leaves me quivering with nausea so I have to cut this post short.

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