Monday, December 20, 2010

Tomorrow - It's a Trap!

I don't care for much television programming, but I love most of the animated shows.  South Park, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy are my favorite things to watch once the little one goes to bed for the evening.  I don't find everything about those shows hilarious and sometimes find that my beliefs are mocked, but I have a good sense of humor so I'm still a viewer.

I'm not just an uber-cool adult cartoon viewer, I'm also a sci-fi nerd.  I know a lot about Star Trek (but, no, I do not speak Klingon), the many spin-offs, and all the movies.  Cementing my reputation as a virgin-living-in-mother's-basement (okay, but I'm not really - suck it nerds!) is the fact that I love Star Wars. 

My geekiness knows no bounds when it comes to Star Wars.  I really love Star Wars.  I don't love it so much that I dress up as Leia and attend conventions or anything (but I might, if I were encouraged enough), but I know quite a bit about even secondary characters.  I still own several of my Star Wars books that I had as a kid; I know, I've always been a dork.

The marriage of animated programming with Star Wars is an epic win in my book.  I had a total geek-out late last night and enjoyed watching Robot Chicken's treatment of Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI.  Yes, I was up far too late so I could watch a program that is probably targeted toward someone half my age.

I'm super-excited to see the Family Guy treatment of Episode VI.  It's a Trap! comes out tomorrow and I've been eagerly anticipating it for months!

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