Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Wild & Wooly Night in the ER

I spent several hours in the ER this evening and I am beat.  Everything is okay, I think, but I am exhausted and I'll be turning in early.  I ask that you remember to keep me and my baby in your prayers.

I noted a few things that I noted while I was there that I'll quickly share: 
~ In this ER, male nurses outnumbered female nurses 2 to 1. 
~ The doctors refer to each other by first name, but everyone else in the ER addresses them as "Doctor whatever-their-last-name-is." 
~ Patients who were in the ER because they are relapsed drug addicts who OD on "some pills (a) friend had" are belligerent rather than contrite.
~ As always, hospital gowns never cover your backside. 
~ And, apparently, the opening of the gown is supposed to be in the back instead of the front. 
~ A trans-vaginal ultrasound might sound sexy, but I can assure you that it is not. 
~ It is almost guaranteed that you'll need a full pelvic exam if you haven't, um, trimmed the hedges in a few days.  Okay, okay, a few weeks.

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