Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where Have All the o.b. Tampons Gone?

For several months I've been hearing snippets about how o.b. tampons have gone missing in many drug stores.  It was only the Ultra size at first, but I've since learned that all o.b. tampons are disappearing off shelves.  I know that I don't use tampons any longer, but I did use the o.b. brand since I was around fourteen and I was having a difficult time finding them as far back as last year so I was curious to find out where o.b. tampons were going.

Not sure what o.b. tampons are?  They were the only mainstream tampon that was applicator-free.  That is, you flared out the bottom of the tampon and inserted it using your finger.  I know, eww, but I'm not squeamish about my vagina (obviously - ha!) and I prefer having a discreet little tampon in my bag instead of a tampon with a ginormous applicator.  Besides, I always found that the applicators were gross - particularly when the blunt edges of a cardboard applicator scraped against my vaginal wall.  Yes, I'm looking at you, Tampax!

I also liked o.b. because they seemed to be the only tampon that didn't grow at all lengthwise when used.  I've tried other brands of tampons and, I swear, sometimes they grew so long that I was sure the tampon would grow right out of my body.  Ugh, gross.  Tampax and Playtex were the worst offenders in that area.  I preferred the widthwise growth of o.b. and I was brand loyal for around twenty years.

So what did I find out about o.b. tampons?  I have some bad news for women who suffer with a heavy flow, really bad freaking news.  The Ultra o.b. tampons are permanently off the market.  I guess it sucks to have a heavy flow in more ways than one.  But what of the Super Plus or Regular o.b. tampons and why are they missing?  The manufacturer claims that they will be back some time next year.  NEXT YEAR! 

I find it hard to believe that a tampon manufacturer doesn't realize that women tend to have periods every 20 to 35 days.  Do they just not care about their customers?  Most women are intensely brand-loyal when it comes to their period protection.  What are o.b. customers supposed to do?  Should they stand on their heads until the manufacturer gets their act together?  Should these women sequester themselves in an isolation hut until o.b. tampons hit the market again?  It's unbelievable that the manufacturer has completely failed so many women.

You'll have to pardon me for suggesting that these women should collectively extend their middle fingers and switch to reusable products.  I'm so thankful that I stopped using tampons earlier this year because this screwing around would have made me see red and shake tiny fists of impotent rage.  The way I see it now, I'll never be at the mercy of another feminine product manufacturer because I can reuse my Diva Cup and my mama cloth for years.  YEARS! 

So screw you, o.b. tampons, this is one woman you will never regain as a customer.


  1. I only use O.B. tampons and actually just bought some a couple weeks ago. Guess I better stock up.

  2. Definitely! I once found a clearance deal on them when they were introducing the new design (which I hated, by the way) and I bought every single box of tampons at the store. My linen closet looked like ten women lived here because it was stuffed full of boxes of tampons - haha!