Thursday, December 30, 2010

Will You Be My Next Convert???

A friend contacted me today about a very specific topic.  This is the fifth friend who has privately communicated with me about this particular topic.  What is the topic that I apparently know enough about that others seek my advice on the matter?  Menstrual cups and mama cloth. 

Whether I know a lot about menstrual cups and mama cloth is certainly up for debate, but it is well-known that I'm more than willing to talk about it and share whatever information I've learned.  I never thought I'd be this kind of person, but I guess you can say that I'm something of a Period Proselytizer.  Since changing how I manage my period, I feel that it's something to have a little fun with rather than something to be dreaded.  Am I saying that I had a happy period?  Well, I'm saying it's more likely than you may think!

I've shared my menstrual adventures several times in this blog and I guess those posts have hit a nerve with some readers.  Three of the friends who have contacted me privately have taken the information I gave and can now be counted as menstrual cup or mama cloth converts.  I can't claim that I'm the only reason that these women considered reusable menstrual products, but it didn't hurt that I opened my mouth and shared my experiences with the readership. 

Is 2011 the year that you change how you control of your period?  Will you be the next one converted by the Period Proselytizer?  ;-)

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