Friday, April 1, 2011

I Might Be Crazy

I hate anecdotal "evidence" because it isn't really evidence at all.  Yet, I've been following advice that is based on anecdotes. . .I might be crazy.  I'm guessing that readers of this blog don't really need any evidence to back up that statement, but I submit the following:

~ I conceived last November while wearing an amber necklace.  Guess what?  I naturally think that means that the necklace had something to do with conception and I refuse to take it off unless I'm bathing.  Thank goodness I wasn't wearing a tiara when I conceived last year!

~ I read a hysterical account of how laptop computers were dangerous to embryonic and fetal development.  This poor woman lost two pregnancies and, once she stopped using her laptop, she carried her next child to term.  So now I'm afraid to have my laptop anywhere near my, uh, lap.  Yes, it defeats the purpose to have a laptop if you put it on a desk or table, but I already admitted that I'm crazy!

~ I heard that a Vitamin B6 deficiency can result in a too-short luteal phase.  The luteal phase is when the (hopefully) fertilized egg travels down to the uterus for implantation.  Your period marks the end of your luteal phase and the beginning of your next cycle.  If your luteal phase is too short, it means that the fertilized egg doesn't have time to implant in the uterus before your period begins so you have no chance for successful pregnancy.  Do I have a Vitamin B6 deficiency?  I don't know, but I'm still taking a B6 supplement. . .and, as a general rule, I never take pills unless absolutely necessary.

~ Mucinex. . .I'm of two minds on Mucinex.  It is really nice to wake up and breathe every morning, especially after the stunt in which I slammed my nose against a door edge because I haven't been able to breathe right ever since.  I just don't know if Mucinex really aids in conception.  The idea is that it thins all mucous in the body, including cervical fluid.  So if you're presenting egg-white cervical fluid (this is necessary to be fertile), Mucinex should make it that much more wet and stretchy for sperm to swim through.  Women in their 20s sometimes have several days of this thin cervical fluid around ovulation and, by their mid-30s and beyond, they generally don't have such copious amounts.  Indeed, I only get one day of egg-whites now and I used to get at least four in my younger years.  Does Mucinex work to improve fertility?  Not that I can tell, but I still take it after my period until I ovulate.

~ For years, I've heard that raising your hips after ejaculation helps aid the sperm in their voyage up through your cervix, uterus, and to the egg that you hope is hanging out & looking for a good time in the fallopian tube.  This hip raising business is a very unsexy thing to me and it drives home the fact that you weren't just having sex for the sake of having sex.  I guess sex with a purpose is unsexy to me too.  It just seems more fun to not think about making babies when you're making love.  Thankfully, there are only a few days out of each month that I am even remotely fertile or else I'm pretty sure my baby fever would have killed my natural sex drive.  Sure, babies are the result of sex, but I don't want to think about them while I'm having it.

~ I read something that indicated that female orgasm aids in conception because the uterine contractions help draw sperm up where they need to be.  It's just horrible that I have to try to have an orgasm and it's truly my least favorite part of the whole event. . .okay, okay, I'm sure you know that was a joke.  However, I don't particularly like the pressure to have an orgasm.  The crazy part of that statement?  No one is giving me any pressure except my own self!

What fertility anecdotes have you heard or read?  Have you tried them?  Did you have any success?

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