Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Finished!

Hooray! I have finally finished my baby clothes organization project! I have four Space Bags stacked on my coffee table: one extra large and three large. Four bags may not sound like much, but these bags are freaking huge. As a reference, these clothes filled over a dozen giant diaper boxes.

These four Space Bags hold 18-months worth of clothes that were worn by two little boys. I realize that no baby in history can possibly wear all of these clothes, but I loathe to throw away or give away anything that I may need in the future so I kept all of the clothes.

I have, however, decided to throw away all of the severely stained baby clothes. I used Soilove on the clothes that were mildly stained and have had great success. Soilove is found at 99cent Only Stores (we have them in CA, but I'm not sure about other states) and it is quite possibly the very best stain remover that I have ever used. I always make sure to have an adequate stock of Soilove on hand because my son is all boy. It removes nearly anything, even set stains that have been run through the dryer. It might take one or two treatments, but it does ultimately remove nearly any stain. I use it so frequently that I wish I could purchase it by the gallon.

My big project is complete and the clothes are able to be stored. It's cliche, but I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me. It feels wonderful to look at the fruits of my labor and I feel quite proud of my accomplishment.


  1. Hi there, So glad to hear that Space Bag was able to help you store all of your boys' outgrown clothes. Sounds like the pack-up was a major undertaking. Just wanted to let you know that if you'd like to share your success story on our online community you'll have the chance to win free Space Bag products to help you tackle organization challenges all around the house. Feel free to use the "contact us" form at if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Space Savers community correspondent

  2. Space Savers Community Correspondent: Yes, it was a major undertaking and it took three days to complete. Imagine 18-months of clothes from two children, from newborn up. The four Space Bags contained clothes that were held in over a dozen big boxes. Thanks for the tip about sharing with the online community. I might just do that.