Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day!

We enjoyed a wonderful family day; a long overdue family day. My son spent Saturday afternoon splashing in his baby pool in our backyard and he spent the afternoon today playing in snow in the lovely Southern California mountains. Now that I think about it, we should have visited the beach and the desert at some point this weekend so the kidlet could have experienced a little of everything that So Cal has to offer.

It was nearly 80 degrees at our house today, but it was around 50 degrees in the mountains. I never felt the need to wear a coat or jacket, but I thought it prudent to outfit the kiddo in warm outerwear. He looked absolutely adorable stomping around in the snow while wearing his blue jeans and his bomber jacket.

We began our fun journey with a quick visit to Lake Arrowhead. I have never been and didn't know what to expect. It was crowded, tiny, and nothing like I imagined. I didn't mind that my son had actually drifted off to sleep (which he nearly never does in the car) because I had little interest in stopping.

We turned around and continued driving to Big Bear. I had never been there either and I had a blast. The architecture of the buildings was exactly what I pictured, the main strip was perfect. Big Bear Lake was significantly bigger than I expected though, particularly after seeing the diminutive Lake Arrowhead.

My son wasn't sure about the snow at first. He began to warm up to the snow when I demonstrated how fun it is to squeeze a handful. Once he realized that he could eat the snow, he was sold. My husband and I had so much fun watching him experience something totally brand new. I live for the moments that I see such joy in the eyes of my husband and my son.

My husband used to frequent our local mountains when he was married to his ex-wife, but he hadn't been back in around 15-years or so. We had so much fun today that I suspect he'll begin to frequent the mountains with this wife too.


  1. yes you have been to big bear missy. we were about 12 or 13 years old. we were with my mom in her red oldsmobile car and we were on the Fawnskin side driving and she ran over some sort of animal and her and I started crying. She remembers that and so do I so there!!! love ya girl

  2. Oh wow, I had forgotten about that until you reminded me! I stand corrected. I have been to Big Bear!

    IIRC, you yelled something like, "How could you?" to your Mom. It was a little animal - squirrel or rabbit perhaps. . .

  3. LOL...I am so glad that I was able to jar your memory. For 29 years of age, cough cough, you sure are forgetful. =)