Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Plethora of Baby Clothes

I have come to a conclusion after spending over eight hours laundering, sorting, and folding: I have a plethora of baby clothes.

I decided to keep my son's clothes because my husband and I want another child and I figure that the next kid can wear hand-me-downs so we can avoid unnecessary expenses. My husband has over fifty years of boys in the family and I do not anticipate having to deal with lacy ruffles and frills when we welcome a second child to the family. My son has always had tons of clothes and my sister regularly gives me the clothes that her youngest son outgrows. As a result, I have enough clothes to keep triplets fashionably dressed.

A friend of mine is moving and I promised that I would give her the boxes that I have been using to store these clothes so I had to find a new storage solution. I chose Space Bags. My house is completely tiled and I don't have a vacuum, but I thought Space Bags seemed like a great idea. And how!

I opened the kiddo's closet and grimaced. I had well over a dozen big boxes of clothes. I decided that I should check all clothes for any stains, rips, or tears. After that, I figured that it couldn't hurt to run them through the washer & dryer. Then I thought that I should organize the clothes by size and by season. After eight hours of work, I am still not finished.

I am stopping for the night and I will continue this project in the morning.


  1. I did this same thing a few months ago and once it was done it was great!! I need to do another couple of bags now though...

  2. Good for you Kelly! I feel so proud that I have finally tackled this big project. It took a few days, but I am finally finished. I realize that I'll have to continue doing this as my son grows, but I have organized his newborn, infant, and early-toddler clothes and that feels like quite the accomplishment.