Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things - Part II

I'd like to make a post whining about how freaking much I can't stand the Olympics (aren't they over yet?!), but I thought I'd share some silly conversations I've had with my son since my post from January 5, 2010.

Bloggy McBloggerstein: What does a cow say?
Tater Tot: Dada
BMB: No, usually cows say something else. . .
TT: Dada! DADA!!

TT: Poo-poo.
BMB: Do you have to go poo-poo?
TT: Yes.
BMB: Would you like to go poo-poo on your potty?
TT: (shakes his head "no" and poops in his diaper) POO-POO!

TT: (Pointing at the word "addition") Poo-poo.
BMB: Actually that is the word "addition" and it means -
TT: Poo-poo! POO-POO!!

BMB: Son, where did you get the idea that we rub mashed potatoes in our hair?
TT: Dada.
BMB: I'm sure that your father did not tell you to do that.

TT: Tie-tie. (this means tired, or tiger)
BMB: Are you tired?
TT: Yes.
BMB: Let's take a nap.
TT: Mama.
BMB: Okay, Mama will take a nap too.
TT: Dada.
BMB: Daddy is at work, he can't take a nap.

Do you notice a theme to our conversations? This kid has started hollering whenever I disagree with what he says. My son isn't even two years old and I can't believe that he is already mouthy!

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