Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love My MIL

I know a thing or two about lousy in-laws. I was regrettably married for a nearly one year and ten months before I pulled the trigger and filed for divorce. My ex-husband was bad enough, but my in-laws were the icing on the cake of my discontent. Sure, they all seemed nice enough in the beginning, but doesn't nearly everybody seem great when you first meet them? Jeez, even Ted Bundy was described as cultured and charming.

I think I have the best mother-in-law on the planet now that I'm married to my husband. She has always been warm and inviting. She probably has the right to act like a snob, but she is very down to earth. Though she is highly educated, she has never made me feel self-conscious that I lack even a simple AA.

She hung out at the hospital with me while I waited eight hours for my c-section. She offered to have us stay at her house when we brought the baby home. She came over often in those hectic early days so that I might have the opportunity to take a nap.

She writes a special note to each of her sons and daughters-in-law every Christmas. Have I mentioned that my MIL is an excellent writer? I always look forward to receiving her notes.

She wrote me a lovely e-mail in response to my post about my husband's birthday. She ended her message by saying that she loves me and she's happy I'm part of the family. I am too.

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