Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is That a Thumb in My Bowl?

Home surgery made simple! I decided to attempt an at-home digit amputation after receiving the first book in the Time Life Home Surgery series. Well, maybe that's not exactly true. Is a thumb considered a digit?

I believe that I could split the atom with most of my knives. Why did I choose to use the dullest knife I own to chop vegetables? I adore sharp knives, but this particular knife is my absolute favorite to use. Of course, that probably explains why it no longer boasts a super-sharp edge.

Why was I bothering to cook in the first place? It was about an hour before my son's dinnertime. I had the energy, I had the ingredients, I felt compelled to make a tasty meal for my boy. And I knew I'd suffer guilt if I didn't prepare a meal.

Why would I feel guilty if I didn't cook? Because I'm a SAHM. If I worked for wages, I'd easily give myself a pass to serve up greasy fast food fare in place of home cookin'. I'd feed the kiddo frozen meals, canned pastas, and chicken nuggets all the time and I wouldn't think twice about it. I'm not saying that he doesn't sometimes eat those things, because he does, but they certainly aren't the mainstays of his diet.

Why was a nutritious meal so important tonight? Because he enjoyed a Valentine party at his pre-pre-school this morning. I wanted to make sure that he had a healthy and delicious meal for supper since he gorged on sweet junk earlier.

I thought about opening a can of ravioli after I tried to cut off my thumb. But I couldn't bring myself to serve up a supper without a single vegetable. So I dealt with my injury, washed my knife & cutting board, and continued the meal prep.

What tasty fare did I whip up? I made a quick pasta sauce with tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, onions, zucchini, eggplant, and garlic. I served it over whole wheat penne. I thought it tasted fantastic and the kiddo eagerly gobbled it up.

I'm not glad that I cut my thumb. Actually, I feel incredibly silly that I made such a rookie mistake. But I am glad that my guilt motivated me tonight because my son loved what I served.

I used to live for an atta-girl from my boss. Now I live for seeing my husband and my son enjoy every last morsel of food that I've prepared. It's one way I measure how well I perform my job as a SAHM.

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