Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 Evening Out + 2 Friends + 3 Cocktails = One Relaxed Mama

I've been a stressed out mess for the last three days. By last night I was feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed that I thought I would collapse in a tearful heap at a moment's notice. Today was a busy day too, but I am feeling nice and mellow right about now.

My husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner out with one of my friends and her husband this evening. We decided to go to my favorite restaurant, Rembrandt's, and I already knew my order before I even touched a menu: medium-rare filet with sauteed mushrooms, baked potato with everything, and spinach salad. Since we procured a babysitter who drives, I also knew that I would have at least two cocktails. Okay, I ultimately ended up having three cocktails, but it was over a three hour period so I wasn't sloppy or, even worse, belligerent. Of course, my husband thoughtfully picked up a bottle of wine for me to enjoy once we returned home so there are no guarantees that I won't end up that way! I keed, I keed. . .sort of!

This evening is like my last hurrah because I am starting Weight Watchers on Monday. On the rare occasion that I drink when I'm being diligent about my caloric intake, I typically have vodka & diet tonic with a very little bit of tangerine juice. That equals two WW points per drink. Tonight was a night for cosmos and I didn't think twice about the calories I was drinking - let alone the calories I was eating! My friend has lost quite a bit of weight on a plan that she's following and I feel very inspired by her success. I mean, if a fellow busy mom of a toddler can follow a diet and lose weight, I can too. Come Monday (heh! A great Jimmy Buffet song!), I will begin my own weight loss journey.

I did probably dominate dinner conversation, as I often do - curse my verbose nature!, but I feel that I learned a lot about our friends. And it was so nice to get to know friends over a tasty meal without having to chase toddlers around. Conversations were started and completed without interruption - imagine that! I particularly enjoyed being able to chat with adults without my son shouting, "Poo Poo!," or saying, "What's this?" every two minutes.


I see that one of my guilty pleasure movies is on right now (Deep Blue Sea - yeah, it's a little lame, but it is oh-so-satisfying!), so I will cut this post short. Just know that I am one relaxed mama right now and I'm really looking forward to seeing my father tomorrow.

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