Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Just Love Rembrandt's

My husband and I took a little time away from our son last night. We hired a babysitter to listen to our son's monitor after he went to bed and we went out with a couple of good friends. We used to socialize with these two a few times each month and we haven't spent time alone with them since May 2008. One of our friends had just turned 50 we decided to go to Rembrandt's to celebrate.

Rembrandt's is within walking distance of our house and we used to go there once or twice each week. We went there so often that they automatically started making our cocktails when we walked in the door so that we had our drinks as soon as we sat down at a table. The head bartenders were absolutely wonderful and they always made sure to give us a little extra "love" in our martinis. We were on a first name basis with the waitstaff and we tipped well. As a result, they always took good care of us. We even showed up on an incredibly busy Valentine's evening, without reservations, and we were seated within five minutes.

Rembrandt's was owned by Bernie Gordon for decades. He clearly loved his restaurant, but he wasn't getting any younger and his restaurant was rapidly turning into a fading flower. Rembrandt's was sold several years ago. I remember reading about it and remarking to my husband that we should have made an offer. Of course, neither of us know a darn thing about the industry, but I just adore the place.

We hadn't been to Rembrandt's since our son was just a few months old. I could not believe the transformation! The new owners clearly know their stuff. They opened up the bar and closed it off from the main dining room. The knocked out some clumsy columns that apparently weren't required for roof support. The lighting, the wall coverings, and the booths were all terrific. It almost has the feel of a retro supper club.

There appear to be only two members of the waitstaff from the good old days and, yes, they remembered us and asked where we had been. With such a delightfully warm welcome and such lovely improvements, I hope we are able to visit again soon!

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