Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Easier to Go to Work

I'm just a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), it's not like I'm ever busy, right? Wrong!

I babysat a 22-month old all day yesterday. I spent yesterday evening doing food prep (cutting veggies, cutting fruit, making dip, etc.) for a brunch playdate that I was hosting today. I enjoyed a bottle of wine last night once my husband came home from work. Okay, a bottle and a half. An alarm went off in my son's room in the middle of the night last night, which I had to turn off - apparently the kiddos figured out how to set the alarm clock. I woke up waaay too early (at least it felt that way) and had a hangover. I assembled and cooked four different dishes, put the fruit and veggies in pretty serving dishes & bowls, and set the table, buffet-style. I made coffee, boiled water in the kettle for tea or cocoa, decanted apple juice and milk, and poured sugar in a sugar bowl. We entertained six of our friends today and had a blast. We helped a friend label diapers for a yard sale tomorrow morning. We made arrangements to carpool with another friend to said yard sale. I left my son in the care of his father and spent four hours getting my hair done this evening. My son was not asleep when I arrived home and I had to soothe him to sleep. I'm actually glad that I overate at the brunch because I didn't end up getting supper until around nine o'clock. I have to go to the store sometime tomorrow morning to pick up a birthday gift for a special little girl and we'll be attending her birthday party tomorrow afternoon. We have dinner plans with another friend tomorrow evening.

I'm so busy lately, I wonder how I ever had the time to work.

In the midst of all these obligations, I'm worried about my father. He has spent the last two days in the ICU (still there tonight too), he's had to receive a total of four units of blood since his "routine outpatient procedure" on the 17th, and the procedure wasn't fully completed. I can't even go see him because I always have my son around and there is no way I can get away with bringing a 22-month old to the ICU.

I'm busy, I'm exhausted, and I'm unbelievably stressed out. Stop this train, I want to get off. I'm putting on the brakes come Sunday and that's that.

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  1. And I was exhausted just by reading it all. Thank God that each day we can start fresh (this is if we have had enough sleep) LOL.