Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Talk

For months, I have been waiting for my son to talk. He has said Mama and Dada for ages, but he never said anything else. Our pediatrician (though it isn't relevant to this post, he has a lazy eye that totally creeps me out) wasn't terribly concerned that the tater tot only spoke two words at the 18-month check-up. I was a little surprised by his laid-back attitude, because he'd been a stickler for following the charts for the entire first year. Dr. Lazy Eye indicated that the kiddo should be speaking around seven words or so by the time he's two. My son will be two in May and I have been eagerly listening for any new words.

In addition to Mama & Dada, the kiddo can say tired and tiger (tie-tie for both), balloon, ball, & bye-bye (ba-ba for all three - he points or waves so we know what he's talking about), yes, yeah, what's this?, who's this?, what's this called?, and I love you too. I think Dr. Lazy Eye will be happy with the boy's progress. Nights like tonight make me wonder why I want him to talk at all.

My son & I had an inane conversation while I was giving him a bath tonight. Here is the dialog:

Tater Tot: (pointing at the window) What's this?
MrsHashBrown: It's a window.
TT: What's this called?
MHB: It's called a window.
TT: (pointing at the bathtub) What's this?
MHB: It's the bathtub.
TT: What's this called?
MHB: It's called the bathtub.

This exact same conversation repeated at least twenty times before I stopped counting.

Yeah, it was a little irritating to have the same conversation over and over (and over!) again and I was a little annoyed by the end of the bath. But I adore having conversations, however silly, with my son. Silence may be golden, but my son's darling voice is priceless.

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