Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 - So Far, So Good

Today is the first day of my lifestyle change. I woke up this morning and jumped on the scale for my initial weigh-in. It was worse, much worse, than I expected. I was in shock for at least an hour and I'm still reeling from the digital numbers that glared at me this morning. Okay, more like I was glaring at the digital numbers on the scale.

I weigh more now than I did the day I delivered my son. And I don't have the whole 39-weeks pregnant excuse. I can't even say it's "babyweight" because I lost all 27 pounds of it in short order. No, I gained "toddlerweight" - well over 30 pounds of freaking weight. I could just kick myself, but I'm too fat to make the effort. Of course, my ass has grown so big that it probably wouldn't take much effort at all!

But okay. Dwelling on it or being pissed about it isn't going to make anything any different. I had to know what I'm working with here. Now I know where I'm starting from and I'm working my plan.

The best tool for weight loss for me has always been tracking. Not just tracking, but accurate tracking. Every Bite. Every Taste. Every Lick. If it goes in my mouth, it gets tracked in my food journal. Well, not everything - you perverts!

To help with my tracking, I have been using measuring cups and measuring spoons all day. A drink of milk in the morning - measured it. Salad dressing with my lunch - measured it. A few bits of pineapple in-between a snack and a meal - measured that too. And I will have to do so for many weeks and months to come because I am no longer accurate when eyeballing a serving size.

I've discovered a few things today. More accurately, I've re-discovered a few things today.

- A Tablespoon of salad dressing is plenty for 2 cups of greens if you don't like your salad to look like soup.

- A 1/4 cup of avocado is much smaller than I remembered.

- One cup of fruit will make you feel stuffed. For about an hour.

I tracked all day and didn't even taste the meals I prepared this morning - that was harder than I expected! I've also had a headache all day. No doubt because my body is craving fat, salt, and sugar - three things that aren't really helpful for weight loss and most likely helped contribute to the weight gain. Thanks to the persistent headache, the most activity I could handle (besides chasing around my son) was picking fruit for about 30 minutes.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. I took that first step today. Day 1 is down and I stayed within my daily points target so I consider it a success.

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