Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day Out of Balance

All it takes is one little thing to be out of balance and the entire day falls apart.

There was a bit of drama last night and I never did get around to eating dinner. I think that's what started it all. I wasn't able to go to sleep until a little after four this morning. Obviously, the official start of my day began waaay too early.

I knew that my MIL would need my help today. I brought lunch & dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. I meant to run to the grocery store for her, but I ran out of time. We enjoyed a nice visit until my son needed his nap.

My son didn't care that I was exhausted from the moment I woke up because he really needed his mama today. He kept telling me he was "tie tie" (tired) and he started running a fever at around lunch time. The only things he ate today were 1 cup of milk, one bite of cheese, one bite of pear, 1/2 a cookie, a cup of juice, and a cup of water. My son typically eats like a horse and his lack of appetite worries me far more than the fever. He refused every single thing I put in front of him tonight. And he refused every beverage I offered. I feel horrible that my son went to bed with no dinner.

Though he ate virtually nothing all day, he somehow ended up with diarrhea. Horribly smelly, gooey, and messy diarrhea. Did I mention that this was in a cloth diaper? A cloth diaper with gathering at the legs. That was the frosting on the cake of my day. Make that the poop frosting on the crap cake of my day.

My poor little babe only wanted to cuddle before drifting off to sleep. I held him close, humming his favorite bedtime song. He kept kissing me over and over again. Of course, I kept kissing him over and over again too.

Here's hoping that my son improves overnight and tomorrow is a much better day.

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  1. I hope he feels better today too! He's still sleeping, so maybe it's a good sign. (crossing my fingers)