Sunday, March 28, 2010

La la la la, la la la la, Elmo Sucks

My son has grown obsessed with Elmo. For those of you lucky enough to not be in the know, Elmo is a Muppet of some sort that's on Sesame Street. He's red and he speaks in falsetto. He has a goldfish named Dorothy and he continually bothers a barely-functioning retard named Mr. Noodle. Or it's his brother, Mr. Noodle. And I hate that I know that.

My son adores this little red monster. He will run to the televison whenever he hears Elmo's wimpy voice or his theme song. He excitedly points to the TV and tells me it's, "La-La."

I have unwittingly fed his obsession with all things Elmo because I made the mistake of giving him two pair of Elmo jammies at Christmas. They are long-sleeved jammies. It has been hot the last few days. I want him to wear short-sleeved jammies. Do you see where I'm going with this?

I've tried to get him to warm up to his short-sleeved Mickey Mouse jammies to no avail. He apparently knows how to fully undress because he does a darn good job of it when I try to dress him in these stupid Mickey jammies. Last night he began thrashing about as I was dressing him for bed. He kept calling out, "La-LA! LA-LA!" I don't know if he thought the little red bastard would somehow save him from the indignities of wearing Mickey jammies or if he was simply demanding that I dress him in Elmo jammies.

He also has an Elmo T-shirt. An Elmo T-shirt that he has been demanding to wear every friggin' day. Thankfully, I do laundry every night and I can indulge him in this simple demand. The jammies were another thing altogether.

I checked at three different stores before I found one that had short-sleeve Elmo jammies. And I bought every damn style they had on the sales floor. For good measure, I also bought him some Elmo outfits for Summertime.

I dropped over $100 on Elmo clothes today. Jammies, T-shirts, and shorts. Over one hundred freaking dollars. I told my husband that part of this better count as the little one's birthday gifts.

I can't remember the last time I spent money on myself. Well, I did buy a mascara today because I was out. But to buy clothes just because? Geez, I can't even remember when I last did that. I'd guess I was still working, so at least two years or more. But I was (sort of) happy to spend this money because it makes my son so happy to wear clothes with his favorite little character.

He saw his new Elmo jammies tonight and his eyes lit up. He actually hugged and kissed the shirt before I put it on him. A hearty thanks to Kohl's for saving me from a bedtime struggle tonight.


  1. Sophia used to love Elmo that much, she has a Elmo jammies from target. She used wake up asking for La La La and watched it on youtube when it wasnt on tv. She now wants nothing to do with him and only wants Dora.I hope he loves Elmo for months to come and doesn't wake up tomorrow and decides he no longer likes Elmo? lol I hear that damn Dora song ALL night long in my sleep, glad its not mr noodle anymore.

  2. Aislyn was the same way - it made me crazy. Walmart had some good deals on Elmo stuff at the time... I was afraid I would shoot my TV if I had to watch Elmo one more time, so we tried Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she LOVES it... she sings the hot dog dance all the time. But now Jamie is old enough for Elmo... it never ends... :P

  3. Elmo doesn't particularly bother me, but I was really pissed that my kid is so attached to certain clothes (two pair of jammies and one shirt) just because the little red jerk is pictured on them. Now that he has a closet full of Elmo clothes, I don't care how obsessed he is! He just better not decide that he's moving on to some other toddler character next week. Based on how hostile he is toward the Mickey Mouse jammies, I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

    I didn't find a single Elmo thing at Wal-Mart, but I did find some clothes next door at BRU. Kohl's has been the only store that I've been able to find Elmo jammies - that's where I bought the Christmas jammies too.