Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sh*tty, Sh*tty, Bleh, Bleh

I like my son's bowel movements. Well, I don't like them, like them, but I'm okay with dealing with them. I'm even okay with dealing with them in cloth diapers.

He nearly always takes a dump at the same time each day and I put him in a dark-colored diaper for his morning constitutional so I don't have to worry about doody stains in his diapers. Usually his monkey tails are very neat & tidy and they roll easily off his diaper and into the toilet. These are the logs he's been laying since I switched him to cloth diapers full-time. No muss, no fuss, and I wondered why I didn't do this ages ago.

Days like today remind me why I waited so long to transition to cloth while we were out & about.

He slung the smeariest, smelliest, and stickiest mud today while we were at a friend's house for a playdate. He was in a cloth diaper and I didn't have my trusty diaper sprayer or my beloved Bac-Out so I had to go it alone. I cleaned his bottom, put him in a new diaper, and sent him back out to play with his friends.

I shook as much of the poop into the toilet as I could and was disturbed at how much was left in the dipe. I refuse to dunk & swish the diaper because I get the heebie jeebies when I think of putting my bare hand so close to the toilet water. I tried wiping the diaper clean with toilet paper and only succeeded in making an even bigger mess. Feeling skeeved out, I wrapped the diaper and tossed it in the wet bag. Thankfully, the wet bag contained the odor and I don't think anyone could have known that I had a poopy diaper in my diaper bag.

My diapers don't have stains and I prefer to keep them that way, so I immediately tended to the dookie-filled diaper when we returned home a few hours later. Using the diaper sprayer removed all fecal matter and left the dipes with very light staining. I doused the diaper with Bac-Out and tossed it in the pail. I decided I'd wash diapers tonight after the tater tot went to bed.

I am amazed to report that the diaper came out perfectly white. Not even the slightest staining. Another win for diaper sprayers & Bac-Out! Hooray!

I am proud that I handled a stinky situation so well while away from my handy cloth diapering tools. But I have learned that I desperately miss my diaper sprayer when it isn't available and I have decided that I will begin to carry a small spray bottle of Bac-Out in my diaper bag so I can more comfortably handle these sorts of situations in the future.

I've also determined that cloth diaper manufacturers must hate on-the-go mamas. Seriously. Why aren't dark colors and prints the norm for the insides of all cloth diapers? That way stains wouldn't be likely to show at all, even if a poopy diaper is left in the wet bag all day. Wouldn't that make better sense than having white insides, which are far more likely to stain? Can any cloth diaper mamas shed some light on this for me?

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