Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jon Venables is Locked Up Again

Well, well, well. I have just read that Jon Venables has been locked up yet again. Jon Venables is one of the cretins who visciously planned to stalk and murder poor little James Bulger back in 1993. Jon and his co-hort, Robert Thompson, skipped school one day and embarked on a mad adventure that left a family completely devastated, a country completely shocked, and a world completely sickened.

These two ten-year old boys effectively planned the torture and murder of a poor little innocent toddler. I wrote about the James Bulger (RIP) tragedy in my post called, "The Evil Part of the Human Condition," on 1/4/2010. I will not revisit that horrible event because it is just too painful. I did not know any of the principles, but I am pained to think of the suffering endured by a little one not quite three years old.

All I really have to say is that I am glad that this monster who was released back to the public in 2001, this beast who thought it was okay to torture a defenceless human, is back behind bars. It may not jive with what the readers of this blog think, but I do believe that some people absolutely can not be rehabilitated and that these same people will always be a threat to the public well-being.

Now is the perfect time, UK, keep this animal behind bars for good this time!!

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