Friday, March 5, 2010

The Peter Potty

I'm tired of diapers. It's not that they are all that difficult, it's just that I'm reaching the point where I'm grossed out by my toddler's adult-looking (and smelling - bleh!) poop.

There is a wide range of normal when it comes to potty training. My FIL insists that all three of his boys were using the toilet by one year of age. I'm skeptical that they were fully trained at such a young age, but I suppose that anything is possible. At the other end of the spectrum is a nephew of ours who was more like four years old before using the toilet. My son isn't quite two and I truly do not want to deal with diapers for another year or two.

I've done a few things to try and hasten the process. I've had a potty chair and toilet ring in the guest bath for a couple of months so he's familiar with their use. I've switched him to cloth diapers full-time because they say children in cloth tend to use the toilet earlier. I've encouraged him to tell me when he has eliminated by either bringing me a diaper or telling me. And I ordered a Peter Potty about a week ago.

The Peter Potty has arrived and is awaiting assembly. For those not in the know, a Peter Potty is a toddler sized urinal. It can be flushed, but does not need to be plumbed. It is stand-alone, but it can also be wall mounted. They say (who are they, anyway?) that boys who urinate standing up learn to use the potty earlier.

Will it work? I can't say, but it is kind of cute. I mean, cute in a way that only a tiny urinal can be called cute. I'm sure that I'll be blogging about MrsHashBrown & the Tater Tot's Grand Potty Adventures in future posts.

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