Friday, March 12, 2010

Wrap Stars and More!

I adore babywearing. Other than when he was going to bed in the evening, I wore my son nearly non-stop for his first six months. Since I was physically unable to lift my stroller in and out of my car (thanks to my c-section), I felt that my wrap was a god-send.

I used an Ultimate Baby Wrap, which is a very thin and stretchy material. I used my wrap like an extra pair of arms, cradling my son throughout the day. Of course, I couldn't help but constantly rub my son's back or kiss his sweet head when I had him in the wrap. Kissing and lovingly caressing your child seems like it would be so much more difficult when they are strapped into a stroller or carseat carrier. . .

My son seemed to like being held so close and he rarely cried unless I didn't catch his hunger cues. I loved this wrap and was so happy with my purchase. The bloom wore off when my son hit around 15 - 20 pounds or so. The stretchy material became a total hassle because I had to constantly adjust and tighten the wrap.

I was sad on the day that I retired the wrap and began using the stroller full-time. I thought that my babywearing days were over, a fond memory of my earliest days of motherhood.

I have rediscovered babywearing. Well, I never actually forgot babywearing, so I guess I have just discovered toddlerwearing. I bought a few different types of carriers a few months ago and I have to say that I absolutely adore wearing my 22-month old.

Due to my father's recent health problems, I spent many hours at the hospital last month. Thanks to my Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch, the time passed quite comfortably. I was amazed that I could wear my 25-pound son without experiencing any aches or pains. My son liked being able to snuggle up to me when he was feeling tired, stressed, or overwhelmed. I appreciated the pouch acting like an extra set of arms and enjoyed the special closeness with my darling son.

I spent four hours at the doctor's office with my MIL today and I wore my son for 3 1/2 of those hours. My son is usually an impossibly busy toddler and he never stops moving. But, while in the pouch, he was calm, relaxed, and content. I honestly wonder how I handled parenthood without a pouch.

Note: Some types of carriers are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Bag-style slings (like the Infantino Sling Rider) are all but impossible to use safely and their use has resulted in many infant deaths. If you are interested in babywearing, please do your research and make sure that you are properly using a carrier that is safe for your child.

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