Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Want My Family Back

I not only ache for my husband and my son, but I want my entire family restored.  There was a golden period where all seemed like it was right in my world, with my family.  Now I kind of feel that things will never be right again.  There will always be a piece missing in the puzzle that is my family.  And I'm sad to realize that the puzzle will only grow more and more incomplete as time mercilessly marches on and death continues to take members from this family. . .

Life is so damned short sometimes.  I wish that I'd seen my brother just one more time before he was gone.  I will always, always, always regret not seeing my brother one last time and I don't want anyone else to live with this kind of pain and sadness.

Do you have family members who don't live nearby?  Make the time to see them, call them, contact them in any way possible.  You just never know when they might breathe their last breath.  As I said a few weeks ago, get busy making memories and not regrets.

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