Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I had a post ready to go for today, but I'm making an urgent prayer request instead.

I know that I've called for a lot of prayers this year:  a total of six surgeries have been endured by two family members, one loved one has successfully fought back from two near-death situations, and I've attended five funerals.  It's an understatement to say that it's been a tough year. . .it has been shockingly difficult.

My only brother is in a very bad way right now and is currently in surgery.  It is absolutely a life or death situation.  Please pray for my brother today, right now.  Pray for the surgical team, pray for his body to be healed, and pray for a complication-free recovery.  Additionally, pray that his entire family (but especially his wife, four children, and two step-children) is comforted and feel at peace during this crisis.

I know God hears our prayers, He really does.  He has heard and answered so many of them this year.  I'm begging, begging for you to pray for my brother's life. 


  1. I Prayed so hard for you, Heather. I stood (well,to be truthfull, I sobbed on my knees) right wear you are now, a year ago. My stomach and heart ache foryou right now. I asked God to let your every prayer be mine as well. It killed me to read you say Please, not him, not now" because thoes are the exact words I screamed at God all the way to the hospitol. But, Heather, he heard meand saved him. I believe in my heart he will hear us all, and save your brother too. Be strong.

  2. Thank you all and thank you, Megan, for sharing what you went through.

    He's gone. My mother is heartbroken, he was her only son. Being a mother, I can't even comprehend how she feels right now. Your children are like your very heart walking outside of your own body. . .

    God worked so many miracles this year, notably bringing my father back from near-death twice. I just wanted another miracle for my brother, my only brother. Pray for his widow, his four children, his two step-children, and the rest of the family. Oh, God, we are hurting so much right now and we still need your prayers.

  3. Prayers and thoughts are sent Heather. My heart is so bleeding with you. I cant believe it either. I can close my eyes and remember Derek chasing Mona and I upstairs into her room..just seems like yesterday.so much pain has happened this year. Only GOD knows the plan , we can only ask that HE help us understand and heal the aches we are left to bare with. Im here for you anytime u need me. Love you like a lil sister..hugs n kisses