Thursday, September 23, 2010

Co-Sleeping Kiddo

As I detailed on my old blog, we don't co-sleep with our son.  I did it once and it really sucked.  No, it REALLY FREAKING SUCKED!!

Since my brother passed away, my son has been co-sleeping.  I initially figured it was because I spent two days weeping and wailing and he needed some extra reassurance.  However, he is still in our bed now that I'm back home and things are somewhat back to normal.

We told him yesterday that it was bedtime and he started screaming when my husband was carrying him to his room.  I asked if he wanted to go to bed and he yelled, "YES!"  My husband put him down and the little guy ran to our room. 

Wrong room, fella.

He not only ran to our room, turned on our bedroom light, and tossed his "appie" (burpie) on our bed.  He also turned on our sound machine (ocean waves) and climbed up on our bed.  He snuggled down in what has become "his" spot in the middle of the bed.

My husband and I looked at each other.  I shrugged my shoulders, he turned off the light and shut the door.  I whispered that if he goes to sleep I kinda don't care where he goes to bed.  He not only didn't go to sleep, but he stayed up until we went to bed. 

I had no idea just how lucky I was with my son, the SuperSleeper.  I had no idea that moving him out of the crib and to a big boy bed would cause such a total chaos with his sleep pattern.  I had no idea that a 2-year old's sleep (or lack thereof) could so thoroughly disrupt our home life.

I'm pretty bummed out with this co-sleeping arrangement.  I like my space and I like my private time with my husband.  But I don't despair.

If I've learned one thing in 2 years of motherhood, it's this:  It's all just a phase.  Meaning that things change all the time in the world of a young child.  Today he likes fruit, tomorrow he hates it.  He is obsessed with Elmo one day and then obsessed with the Wonder Pets the next.  Yesterday he slept in our bed, today he sleeps in his bed. 

Okay, okay, that last one might be wishful thinking.

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