Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Haircut, Another Scalping

I'm so glad that I have the freedom to write about my little boy again!

My little boy doesn't like getting haircuts.  No, that's not quite true.  He HATES getting haircuts.  He reacts toward hair clippers much the same as he does toward doctors:  with screaming, wailing, and writhing around. 

Since cutting his hair is such an unpleasant ordeal, I tend to wait a looooong time between haircuts.  His hair was touching his ears a month ago and I kept meaning to cut his hair, but things kept popping up and it never happened.  His shaggy do has been bothering me since I returned home from New Jersey and, after having to scrub a lasagna roll out of his hair, I decided it was high time that I strap him in his booster seat and break out the clippers.

So why did I choose to cut his hair without my husband home?  Because I obviously wasn't using my brain.  Was it a terrible experience?  Yes.  Is it one that I want to repeat anytime soon?  No.  As awful as the experience was, the result is arguably worse.  It is, quite possibly, the absolute worst haircut in history.

Like most people, I only have two hands and one hand was required to hold the clippers.  My son also has two hands.  Both of his hands were free to cover his head and foil my attempts to cut his hair.  I grabbed both of his wrists in my free hand and held his arms as still as I could.  Then he protested in the only way possible (besides screaming his head off!) by violently twisting his head this way and that.

Not only is his hair not even, but it isn't anywhere near as high & tight as I like it around his ears.  He flinched as I was getting ready to trim around his ear and the clipper actually clipped his sweet cheek.  He screamed (for good reason for a change!) and I started crying. 

I decided to use scissors instead.  I prefer scissor cuts, but I use clippers on the boy because it makes for a faster experience.  And, if there is one thing that I aim for when cutting his hair, it's to do it FAST! 

After ten minutes of his howling and fidgeting, I gave up.  His neckline, ears, and sideburns aren't cleaned up enough for my taste and he has a couple of sections that are a little too long, but I was done.  So was he!

He used to have a similar negative reaction to getting his nails clipped, but he eventually came to accept the inevitable.  He doesn't like getting his nails clipped, but at least he sits still and pouts while I do it.  I'm holding out hope that he might sit still for haircuts one day.


  1. I'm taking the kids tomorrow to the kiddy haircut place. I shudder to think how horribly wrong they would look if I tried to cut their hair. I let the pros deal with them, totally worth the $$$. Strangely, they sit very still at the barber. I think they are intimidate or something, they would never sit still if it were me at home.
    oh and,I'm sure it doesn't look as bad as you think.

  2. Well, the distraction of the videos they let the kids watch while getting the haircut, plus the incentive of the little lollipop after, do work wonders on my kids. A little TV, a little candy, a little intimidation ...yeah, I'm that mom.

  3. You are so LUCKY that your kids sit still for the hairdresser! I used to take Toot to the kiddie haircut place down the street and he reacted the same way he does at home. I was like, "Why am I paying $20 + tip when I can get the same result at home for free?" I think I've been cutting it at home for about a year and he's grown more combative about it as time has gone on - UGH! I hope that one day he'll just accept it even though he doesn't like it - kind of like his response to nail clipping.

    September 22, 2010 2:56 PM


    Ha! In that case, I'm that mom too! Sometimes I just don't care what it takes to get a little peace & quiet! haha

    September 22, 2010 8:28 PM