Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Open Post

Though I find this blog to be a creative and fun way to express myself, I regret that this will be my last open post.  I may continue writing under a new name and a new blog or I may just limit who can read this particular blog to a few people who I specify, but I can't continue blogging if my words and thoughts are continually stifled.  As someone who hates censorship, I think it's a damn shame that I'm left with only these options. 

~ Best Regards


  1. Oh no! This makes me so sad :(

  2. This is a place for you Heather to post your thoughts, feelings and opinions. It should NOT matter what anyone else thinks and if they do not like it then maybe they should be the ones to quit reading your posts. NO ONE is forcing them to read your postings.

    Your feelings are your feelings. they are not wrong they just are and who the hell thinks they have the right to tell you any different. Just because they may not agree with you does not mean that you or they are wrong.

    People, whomever you are, get over it and GROW THE HELL UP!!!

  3. hey whats up ? send me a e-mail.uncle mike.